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Med X – Mission Now!


Space X – Talks, is a non-profit public benefit foundation with a mission to push the boundaries of science, technology, and importantly, the future of medicine!

We live in the time when humans have left our home planet, compelled by our inherent need to explore, push the limits, raw competition, and answer the most ancient questions of millennia generations. How far can we go? Are we bound to our natural Spaceship Earth? Are we alone? Can zero gravity enable new science? How did it all begin and evolve?

Dr. David Wolf, Astronaut, Medical Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Inventor, Aerobatic Pilot


Med X Mission Team

Please Wake Up!

The millions of dying and suffering people on the planet Earth, need solutions now, not someday!

The number of new cancer cases per year in the world, is expected to rise to 23.6 million new cases per year by 2030!

These are the disturbing facts - Cancer now will strike 1 out of 2 individuals, and touches every family on the planet.

Almost 10 million people die from cancer annually!

Breast cancer in the US is expected to double by 2030, with 400,000 new cases and 80,000 deaths per year!

Pharmaceutical companies and breast cancer charities say we are winning the war against cancer. But that is simply not true!

Join the MED- X Mission Team

Let’s Crack the Cancer Code!

Space X Talks Launches the Frontiers of Medicine Series

  1. Assess the potential therapeutic value of discoveries emanating from advanced research in the life sciences and understand ways to accelerate these discoveries into therapeutics, and medical devices.
  2. Develop approaches to novel therapeutics, including investment in neglected diseases, AI, nano technology, new biologics and medical devices.
  3. Establish laboratories, worldwide partnerships and humanitarian missions.

Here at Space X Talks, are the Med X – NOW team!

Undaunted explorers on a quest for the secrets which unlocks the mysteries of Cancer, Heart disease and Neurological maladies. The three great harbingers of death and suffering of our age.

We need solutions, NOT promises.

Space X Talks is launching the MEDx conference and Space Expo, in Houston Texas August 23th-24th-25th 2024. Register now!

The first 200 guests are free!

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Miss ET Pageant - Halloween Party

Get ready for a spooktacular virtual extravaganza - Miss ET Pageant Halloween Party, where beauty, brains, and boo-tiful costumes collide!

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Come to the Party! The first 200 attendees are FREE!

The Space Cadets Academy, 8 years – to 18 years, was created to inspire and encourage a new young generation of future space explorers, scientists, and engineers. Projects include, Rockets, Robots, and Electric cars. All are invited to join and participate, and there are no enrollment fees. All families are welcome!


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